Naked Humiliation

by - October 02, 2014

It's my sister's birthday in 17 days and she's finally going to be 18!!!! I still remember how her 17th birthday went...

...It was the Saturday after Ashleigh's birthday and her friends had planned to her a surprise party for her. No one told me as I'm not very good a keeping secretes.
I'd just gotten out the shower and all I had on was a towel. I started walking down the stairs when I heard Ashleigh's friends shout "SURPRISE!" thinking I was Ashleigh. I was so startled, I tumbled down the stairs and my towel fell off! I was sitting there NAKED in front of Ashleigh's cool friends! Luckily my privates were covered. I was completely mortified and everyone was laughing at me.

What a day to remember, hopefully this year it goes better.

~Arabelle Akinfe

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