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If you don't know that I went to NY and NJ, you've been living under a rock because I mention it on Twitter many times.

I arrived at New Jersey on Thanksgiving day. We went to my aunts house for dinner and by the end of that I felt like big momma. 
My aunt dropped us at the W Hoboken Hotel in New Jersey after dinner where we stayed for one night. 
The next morning we went to a breakfast restaurant called 'IHOP.' I was super excited because I'd since it on Tumblr. Around 12pm we called a taxicab to New York. The drive mostly consists of me talking to cab driver and Ashleigh taking selfies. 
I forgot what the time was when we finally reached New York but I remember there being a lot of traffic. 
Once we settled down at The St Regis in New York, we went out for Black Friday shopping! I brought way too much stuff. 

 Food places I went to: 
-taco bell 
-mc Donald's 
-pop eyes 
-auntie Annie's 

Shops I went to:
-forever 21
-American Eagle
-Brandy Melville 
-American appreal 
-foot locker 

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