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YAAAAYYY!!!! It's December which means Christmas is just around the corner!
Here are my favourite things about December.

Watching Christmas Films
Because I'm a loner and literally zero friends, I like to sit in my room watching Christmas movies all day. My favourite ones our romance-Christmas ones, because it reminds me of how single I am, plus I'm a sucker for emotional movies.

If you don't know what a snood is, you must be dead because a snood is one of those little things that make up Christmas. It's like a scarf but it's round like a doughnut. Yum.
You can get really nice ones at Topshop for good prices.

Snow Days means No-School-Days
Please Lord make it snow so I don't have to go to my 'hell hole' also know as school. I hate going to school, let alone going to in Winter, when it's cold and you have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning because "the roads will clear which means the bus will be early." (quoting my mother)

For some reason there're always really good offers in shops. I mean really good, like £70-£20 good!(Unless your in American Apparel where £70 will go down to £69. Yippee. Not.)


18 days till Christmas!!!! 

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