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by - January 22, 2015

^^ From Daria

I go to an all girls school which mostly sucks all the time. I get quite a lot of people asking me about a girls schools so I thought I would blog about it.

The Girls in a Girls School

The Mean Girls- These are the girls who think there life is a movie (aka mean girls) these girl go around thinking people will kill themselves for them. Reality check! You're not Regina George. 

The Singer- This girl sings all the time. Her voice is quite good but it gets really annoying, very very quickly.

The Happy Girl- This girl is happy 24/7, she literally will never be upset. I'm not going to lie I used to be this girl as well, until I realised how annoying I was and stopped. 

The Moody Girl- This girl is always moody, basically the opposite of the happy girl. I don't think I've seen her smile before. Sometimes I have those days when I'm all 'Rainbows!' and some days are like 'Touch me and die!' 

The One Who Talks- Nobody ever listens to girl. She'll be talking and nobody will lisnet to her. It's kinda unfair and I feel sorry for her. (I talk to her)

The Nice Girl- We all have that girl we all want to be because her life is perfect and she's super nice. I'm not the nicest person in world but this girl is.

The Mute- She doesn't say a thing and I'm not over reacting when I say that. 

The Attention Seeker- 'OMG guys, my art homework I did is awful.'  *Artwork is more beautiful then Harry Styles* We all have this girl in our school, even in mixed schools. She's more annoying than turning on a Blackberry phone.

The One Like Me- This girl keeps to herself. You wont call her a loner because she has friends. She likes to observe people. Watch them, as if she was stalker. She's always depressed and really good at making things awkward. Her favourite face is the screw face and she also like to say what she feels. 


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