People | On The Bus

by - January 23, 2015

My 'People | Girl's At School' got quite a lot of views so I thought I'll do another. I take the bus everyday so I thought I do it about people on my bus.

People On The Bus

The Annoying Guy/Girl- This girl/boy is always being annoying. Weather it's tapping you on the shoulders a million times or pressing the stop button to be funny when it really isn't.   

The Singer (Girl)- This is the person that thinks their voice is Beyonce and likes to share it with the whole bus. I lost count of how many times I nearly lost my hearing.  

The Music Player- This person has the coolest new music (NOT) and wants everyone one to listen to it. Die in a horrible fiery death. 

The Argument- This person thinks she's all tough and likes to start unnecessary arguments. I like to stay away from these people. They freak me out.

The Scavenger- This person is probably not fat, but they eat all the time and when they aren't eating they're will scavenge for food. 
'You gonna eat that?' --'Can I have some?' --'I just ate a pig, but I still want some of your chocolate bar.'

The Gangster Guy- This is probably a skinny white boy that likes to think he's a gangster by listening to 'Eminem' and '50 Cent', wearing baggy clothing and using slang words. 
'Yo Bruv, when da 292 bus gon' be ere'. Da mistress wants I to load da dishwasha' init.'

These are just 6 people we have on my bus that annoy me. Shall I do more? 


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