Push Up's | Gym with people like me

by - January 07, 2015

^From Freaks & Geeks (Literally like the best program in 1999)

In my school at the beginning of the year we always do a fitness test. It's literally the worst thing ever. There's one where you had to do as many push up as you can in one minute.

You get those people that are good at push ups and those people that are like me. 

After the first five push ups you collapses and then your gym teacher gives you that sympathy look which is basically saying "I feel sorry for her, I bet she can't even get the jam open the first time."
 (Which I can't but who cares.) 
So after your little rest, you get back up and do five more push  up as fast as you can. When one minute is up, you're out of breath. 

From sitting down. 

I swear gym will be the death of me. 

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