6 Steps to Perfect Valentines Day Alone

by - February 12, 2015

Arabelle's 6 Steps to a Perfect Valentine's Day Alone
  1. First I will wake up 'early' (early for me is 11am on the weekends) and get ready to do nothing. Yay!
  2. Then I'll take snap story(snapchat) saying 'Happy Valentines Day' or put any of those cheesy stickers they now have on my snap. 
  3. After that I will flick through my Instagram timeline to see images of the stuff people got from there super hot boyfriend. How fun?!
  4. Now for my favorite part. Putlocker and Netflix (food as well). I will probably do this until 4pm or so.
  5. Later around 6pm in my room, I will dance around in my pyjama shorts listening to old Tylor Swift, then watch catch up Teen Wolf (if you don't watch Teen Wolf I recommend it so much.)
  6. The last thing I will do is 'go to bed' (read Harry Styles fan fiction under the covers #rebel)

And remember kids, being single on Valentine's Day is no different then any other day in your life :)


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