February | Topshop Wishlist

by - February 15, 2015

    1.  HATTY Cleated Sandals- £30.00
    I'm not so sure on these shoes. I feel like they will make my feet look like clown feet, which I hate     so much.

2.  LENA Suede Platform Sandals - £56.99 
I love these platform shoes so much! I will actually pay for them right now but they don't have a size 6 at the moment. 

3.  Authentic Shirt Jacket- £38.00
I love this shirt especially the colour, the only problem is that they don't have my size. Again.

4.  Long Sleeve Ribbed Funnel Neck Top-£12.00
I have a grey top just like this that I got from New Look cheaper I think. 

5.  '90s Tile Print Cropped Cami-£20.00
YASSSS! This crop top is life! I only just saw it when I was writing this post. I think I'm in love with it <3

6.  MOTO Vintage Mom Shorts-£28.00
I just really need a pair of Mom SHORTS.

7.  Stripe Square Neck Crop Top-£20.00
I could write about this, but nah. Lets just say my life will be complete with this crop top.

8.  Cross-Back Halter Crop Top-£10.00
They don't have my size but I'm sure you could pick it up anywhere.

9. Deco Lace Bodycon Tunic-£50.00
This is £50 so I'll wait till my birthday #IHaveNoMoney

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