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by - April 07, 2015

Hey readers, I haven't done one of my 'wishlist' post in a while. Last time I did Topshop which was fun now I'll do at a new store I've discovered *drumroll* Glitters For Dinner (also know as GFD store) Their clothes are so unique and I looove them so much. If only I had money #poorlife

Image of ' 5-6 weeks waiitng' Cher Yellow Tartan Blazer & Skirt SeThe First Item on my list is the Cher Yellow Tartan Blazer & Skirt Set. Don't tell its only me that thinks this is SOO adorable and will look perfect on me *hint hint mother*.
Price in US~~~$110.00
Price in UK~~~£73.50

Image of Made To Order - Smiley Halter Halter Top

The second item on the list of things I can't afford is the Smiley Halter Top this is crop top and looks super cute on my model. Would it look super cute on me? I showed this item to my mum and she said that she might get it for herself, how embarrassing?!
Price in the US~~~$45.00 (quite good actually)
Price in the UK~~~£30.00

Image of Made To Order - Charli Black & White Tartan 2 Piece Set

I guess you can see I'm really into the whole 'Clueless' thing. This is the piece of clothing is the Charli Black & White Tatan 2 Piece.  Cute, right? I think I prefer the black and white #gothic
Price in the US~~~$70.00
Orice in the UK~~~£46.80 (very very good)
Image of PRE ORDER - Baby Pink Gigi Top

My sister rather big off a bridge and get eaten my man sharks then wear the Baby Pink GiGi Top. I personally think it's super CUTE and any chance I would get I  SOOO would wear it.
Price in the US~~~$60.00
Price in the UK~~~£40.22

Image of Made To Order - Sleeveless Gothic Alice Dress

Sleeveless Gothic Alice Dress- How cool would it be wearing this? Very cool that how. It kinda reminded me of Wednesday Adams from the Adams family (kinda what made me fall in love with it.)
Price in the US~~~$65.00
Price in the UK~~~£43.57

Image of Kitty Face Tee in Large
This cat lady jus got more cat lady like. How does do it. Maybe it's Maybelline or maybe the Kitty Face Tee *cringe.* Let's just say I need this in life. I CANT EVEN!
Price in the US~~~$40.00
Price in  the UK~~~£26.80

Hope you liked this blog post. Go to the GFD store to see more of their cool, trendy, unique clothing- you'll love them (I know I did) :P

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