breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

by - April 28, 2015

Hello internet people! How are you fine folks today :)

I'm FANTASTIC! (When someone asks you 'how are you?' Never say good. That's basic.) 

Saturday I meet up with one of my closest friends since 09' (drumroll please) Stephanie New! We took a bunch of photos for her Youtube Channel and a few for my blog. I still haven't got any of them yet but here are some photos I took with my phone. 
Camera- iPhone 4s
Editor- VSCO Cam
Stephanie's tops
Using transfer paper Stephanie made these awesome tops. I especially like the Arctic Monkey's one with the lyrics on them from the song Piledriver Waltz. Great song, great top. The other one says 'you're Disgusting' which is just from Tumblr. I didn't make these with her but she told me that she found a tutorial on them on Youtube.

Camera- iPhone 4s
Editor- VSCO Cam
Steph's hands entering my photography.
Stephanie and I were kinda 'exploring' if you want to call it that. (We lost our way home) I came across these flowers and thought they'll be lovely on Instagram so I of course took a photo. 

These were the two photo's I took on my phone but I'll post about the others another day. I dont know why but I felt and need to post this even if its very short. 

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