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by - April 05, 2015

Greetings readers (great way to not be weird), I've been thinking *panic* and I don't think I'm much of a fashion blogger and more of a lifestyle blogger. That's all going to change. I'll try to do more fashion blog post and less about how I'm socially awkward. You probably don't even know my type of style, which is why I'm doing a 'My Ideal Outfit' post! Enjoy.

My style seems to alter from different types of looks. Why not show you all :D ?!

My first look is this pastel kind of look. I've recently been into the whole pastel and tumblr has been a HUGE influence on that. Down my time line on Instagram theres this girl called 'aliencreature' her hair is purple and totally to die for (get it, die=dye - I'm not funny, sorry.) 

In this outfit my skirt is from GFD, an online tumblr-ish store. I adore everything inside there especially this holographic skort that when perfect with my pastel theme.
The white caged sandals are from New Look, but you can get them anywhere tbh (to be honest), I love them and I even have a pair myself.
Those super cute socks in the corner are from Topshop. Like I said, I think they're super cute.
The satchel is from Cambridge but lets be real; who actually wants to pay £120 when you get it for £50 on Amazon or Ebay.
I can't remember where the top is from and I feel like poop for not remembering because its quite a nice crop top :(. Sorry.

I'm calling this look 'grunge-ish cool'. I got the inspiration of this outfit from Google when I typed in 'Tumblr grunge', it came out with a load of cool outfits that I used to make this outfit #creative.

I top is from Topshop. I 100% recommend Topshop when you're buying crop tops or any kind of tops, there quality is FANTASTIC.
The skirt is from American Apparel, it has this boxed pattern thats really cute and it's mini hich it makes it cuter.
New Balance 574, are the shoes I have chosen for my grunge -ish look. They look really tumblr and 90's which is what I like about them.
The jeans jacket is from Urban Outfitters and is SUPER cute, it's one of those baggy ones you'll see on Tumblr or Instagram.
Let's move on to my 3rd outfit which I named 'casual'. How very creative? *sarcasm* I have most of the outfits here which I'll tell you about- I'm going on and on, sorry- lets get to it.

The mint green crop top is from the one and only Topshop. I have the exact same thing in grey that I brought for £3 in the sale #BURGANS.
Like I said in the pastel outfit, why buy a satchel for £120 at Cambridge. Not trying to put you off Cambridge satchels I just think it's a total waste of money (I sound old, ew.) 
The mom jeans are from UO (Urban Outfitters). I personally think they look so much than the Topshop ones, even though I brought the Topshop ones.
Adidas superstars have been really in fashion lately so why not up them in my blog. I have a pair myself and I absolutely LOVE them. They make my size 6.5 feet look like at size 5 again (good thing)  5 STAR RATING!

Last but definitely not least the outfit I call 'black and_____' This is when I wear black and something else, in this scenario, red.

The crop top is just a simply one from New Look, you get it anywhere though.
The tartan skirt is from the one and one GFD. You should totally check out the 'Clueless' thing they have going on.
High knee socks from New Look, again. Very warm and very stylish. Totes recommend.
The caged sandals are from New Look. Again! Round of applause for New Look. They're so cute and I think they will go perfectly with this outfit.

Well these are my outfit picks.

You know you me xoxo, Arabelle (sorry I started Gossip Girl again)
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