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by - April 10, 2015

Because it's still the Easter Holiday's (and my laptop is working again) I've had the benefit to be able to start watching my tv shows again. From that big A reveal on Pretty Little Liars to finding out who was the Flirtual killer on Eye Candy! (I kinda guess the Eye Candy one though.)
I'm currently watching a lot programs at the moment and I watched some really good programs in my time (I was born in 2001 lol), why not share them with my baby aliens (readers). If there's anything I like more than watching programs is talking about them, so here ya go.

Currently Watching:
Teen Wolf. I think I talk about this 20 times in a hour. I'm on season 4 waiting for season 5 in June apparently. If you haven't noticed I talk about Teen Wolf in like every single one of my blog post. It's like I can't go on without referencing Teen Wolf. I don't I knew to true meaning of love until my eye's laid on Jackson's jawline. OMG! I can't even.
I recommend watching Teen Wolf sooooo much! It's just so AWESOME! Half of the you watch it for the guys in it. No lie :')

Eye Candy is so great. It's new to MTV and they have only done one season but that season was absolutely amazing. I'm trying not to give away any spoilers, but I can't contain myself when it comes to programs. Arggggg! Just go watch the amazing Eye Candy.

Call me a baby but I don't care. I love Girl Meets World. I personally think that Riley and Maya are total my best friend goals. At times it get cheesy and funny and even serious. There new season 2 is nearly coming out and won't miss one episode. I loveee everything that Maya and Riley wears and wish I had all their clothes. Totally recomend it and I recommend you listen to Sabrina Carpenter's music as well.

Red Band Society is such a moving tv show. It's about a group of teenagers with a medical promel. Leo with cancer, Kara needs a heart, Jordi was with cancer, Dash needs lungs, Emma has anorexic, and lets not forget the boy who's telling the whole thing, Charlie, he's in coma but can hear everything. This show is basically what family is all about. The ending made me cry so so much because of how cute and great it was. Let's not even start on the amount of time's I quote it. Just watch this show because it is fantastic.

Freaks and Geeks. I talked and little bit about Freaks and Geeks in my push up's post. It was made in 1999 by Paul Feig on NBS. Unfortunately there's only 18 episodes that you can catch all on Youtube. I would talk about it but I wanted to do a separate blog post about it. I totes recommend it though.

Last one is Awkward {SPOILERS} Awkward is about a girl named Jenna Hamilton she's trying to not be awkward while going through high school with her best friends Tamara. Too bad Jenna has face all that teen drama like, boys, mean girls, and moms. The mean girl is called Sadie Saxton, her catchphrase throughout the 4 seasons is 'you're welcome.' She has best friend called Lissa who is really into Jesus. She's like that dumb blonde of the show. Matty and Jake are best bro friends. They both went out with Jenna with was really awkward. Jenna explains the stories while writing in her blog, Invisible Girl and later on I Am Jenna Hamilton. She's a big reason why I wanted to start a blog and I 100% recommend it.

Hope you like this post. I tried not to do the mainstream programs (Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl) Comment and share.

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