Ugh, I'm sick | Happy Easter

by - April 03, 2015

UGH, I'm sick 
Hello? Anyone there? Probably not since I haven't blogging since March. Sorry. 
On 2nd April we broke up for the Easter break, which isn’t really a break because you have to spend it revising for big exams the next week.  Unless you're like me and your sick. 
(Who says hooray when they're sick, oh well #bringbackhooray) 
At first I thought it was one of my little colds but nope it must be flu because whenever I'm really sick with the flu I can't stop singing. Mum was right, I should have took my coat to school on Thursday. I've been wailing and sniffling while singing throwback songs with Ashleigh (which could have been fun if I didn't lose my voice.) 

So what do I doing when I'm sick. I wake up at a ridiculous time open my laptop and start blogging. Oh Arabelle, why are you so weird? 
I don't even know why I'm blogging this. Who actually cares about me getting sick. I'm most likely going to regret blogging this but oh well, I was bored and lonely. 

Happy Easter, baby aliens x

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