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by - April 24, 2015


I've been at school for a week and I'm already counting down the days till summer break. Thats the reason I haven't blogged in 14 days! (Which is a lot for me.) I've been stressing about life. So much stuff are going on right now in my adventure know as life. Like....

  • Meeting new people. I been making friends with other teen bloggers and online friends quite a lot recently. I actually gave another blogger advice on blogging, with s weird since i'm the one always asking for advice and other stuff.

  • Getting a Bloglovin'. I never knew that I was doing the whole blog thing wrong. Apparently you need a Bloglovin', which I finally made after a million years of not having one. You can go follow my blog over at Bloglovin' if you want >> Arabelle Akinfe

  • Youtubing. Yep that's right I finally made a low quality, money making, Youtube video. Because I'm a thousand years old, I don't have a clue about how to upload the video on Youtube.

  • PICTURES! If your thinking of my usual low quality photos taken by my rubbish andorid, think no further! Real, profession photos, taken by my good friend aspiring to be a photographer. They will hopefully be up soon!

My Bloglovin'>> Arabelle Akinfe

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