half term and may favourites

by - May 22, 2015

It's finally half term, which is when you think about it not really a half term. Mostly because I' going to spend the whole week revising for ALL my lessons. Especially German, because I SUCK at it. In my opinion the language sounds a bit funny to me. I don't think I'll ever need German if life, the same way I will never need Pythagoras in life. 

The other day I had this dream of me sitting down on one of those cool vintage tables, sipping on some coffee, while typing on a typewriter in a baggy light brown cardigan, as old vintage music played in the background from a record player. I think that was God telling me to save up for the following things:
  • Vintage Table
  • Typewriter
  • Record Player
Back to reason I started blogging. It's half term which is really cool and I can't wait to show you lot all the exciting things going to happen in this one week holiday! 
Since it's still May (anyone else think this month when slowly) I'm going to do a quick May Favourites! Haven't dome a favourites post in while so yeah!

My first favourite of May, is actually a another blogger. She most likely doesn't even know I exists but I sure do. Ask my mum, I talk about her blog 24/7! Her name is Ellie and she lives in the UK where she wonders around London shopping at Vintage Stores. How Cool?! Her blog is ABSOLUTELY AMAZEBALLS and I suggest you check it out!

My second favourite I've been loving, is Amanda Steele's hair changes. I'm not sure how many times the Youtube beauty guru has changed her hair colour, but it's just been FANTASTIC! You may know Amanda as a youtuber and current owner of her own makeup palette. Her hair styles lately have just been incredible and I encourage you all to go check out her Youtube channel. 

My last one of the favourite list is VINTAGE STUFF! I don't know, if you've noticed but I been LOVING vintage stuff lately. The old boring Arabelle would of said "TO HELL WITH VINTAGE STUFF!" but out of nowhere a new Arabelle has bloomed and she says "GO VINTAGE!" Which Arabelle do you prefer? Here are some vintage stuff I really want at the moment.
If you enjoyed this post, thank you. Should I start being more serious in my blog post or not? I'm not sure but I feel like I act really awkward in my post. I sure hope not, I'm just trying to be myself :)

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