May Wishlist

by - May 01, 2015

I thought that it would be a lovely idea to end my day with a good old wishlist. It's May so yay! Bring on summer! The clothing I've decided to put in this post are quite 80's and 90's. It's kinda my new favourite thing I've been obsessing over. I have a gut feeling that the 90's style will be popular this summer, just you wait and see ;)

The heart shaped glasses are absolutely adorable. I only have two pair of glasses at the moment and that's including my reading glasses. I really need some more sunglasses and I think these Revo Heart Sunglasses from New Look will do the trick.

The short sleeve shirt is part of new style change. I honestly think I'll be the most beautiful thing in my wardrobe. It has two types of patterns of the shirt which is cute. It's from BooHoo and only £16.00, which I think is really good for a shirt like this.

Another thing from New Look is the Navy Denim Bucket Hat. I dont have a bucket hat but I'm hoping to find one on Saturday when I go to this vintage store in London. If not, New Look it is!

I guess I was feeling generous with BooHoo when I chose another top from them. This time it's the Fluted Long Sleeved Crop Top. It's looks really cool and 90's. When I saw it I literally planned my entire outfit in my head.

My personal favourite is the Denim Dungaree Shorts With Sequin Fruit Patches from my favourite shop, Asos. It's SUPER cute and I absolutely love it. I also like pineapples and bananas so yay!

This was quite a short wishlist, sorry. I hope you enjoyed this post, I tried not to be weird but I think I prefer my weirdness being shown in my post instead. It's the weekend yay! I have a another post coming for you on Monday (Bank Holiday Monday!) So dont forget to read that one.

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