shop jeen loves

by - May 31, 2015

SHOPJEEN. Simply the mostly amazing online shop ever. I decided that making a SHOPJEEN wishlist would be a good idea, since it's basically the most coolest shop ever. Unfortunately I was being lazy and didn't finish the wishlist which is why I'm calling this my SHOPJEEN loves. Enjoy!

  1. First item is a crop top with the writing 'INTERNET DARLING' written on it. This is one of my loves because I think it describes who I am. (An internet darling.) 
  2. Second on my list is another crop top with the writing 'BURGER QUEEN' on it. I literally love Burger King so I thought I'll be cute to have a top like this. 
  3. I this my third item really funny. It say 'HARVARD LAW JUST KIDDING' written on it. I also really like the style of the jumper. It's a cropped jumper according to the website. 
  4. Last but not least, is the 'net-flix-ing' pillow. I love this because it basically describes my weekend on it and the definition. Good for learning!

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