london, hyde park and westfields

by - June 07, 2015

I've been thinking that I'm not very social and I don't do a lot of stuff outside my laptop screen which is why last weekend I went to London with my friend Stephanie and Hazel. It was really fun and brought a lot of stuff. I got a pair of socks from American Apparel and Stephanie brought a really cute pink scrunchie. Overall it was a fun day of touring London and window shopping. The first photo is of Stephaine lying on the grass in Hyde Park, The second photos is of Stephanie and I taken with my iPhoto4s, the last photo was taken by me in a thrift store. 

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I also went to Westfields for the first time ever two weeks ago with a bunch of my friends from school. There was a lot of us so we had to spilt up into 4's. I was hanging out with Hope, Sofia and Grannie. I brought a crop top from Topshop and Hope got this really cool hair colouring thing. It looked really cool. We got some free stuff from models own as well. The first photo is of Sofia and I taken with her iPhone 5s, the second photos is of Grainne, Hope, Sofia and I taken with my iPhone4s, the trid photos is one I took in New Look, the last one is with everyone else that I took with my iPhone4s. The quality is awful. 

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I know this wasn't a fashion post but I hope you liked it :) I'm really busy at the moment so I wont be able to blog so much. 

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