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by - June 17, 2015

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Happy Wednesday ya'll! You're probably wondering what I've been up to with the of blogging all last week. Well...

On Monday-Friday we had exams all week. How annoying?! I didn't want to blog since I was stressing all week and making millions of flashcards, sticky notes and honestly anything that would help me revise. I'm sure everyone hated me since I was stressing so much. During all this revising and studying I still had time to catch up on one of my favourite programs Pretty Little Liars season 6 which I'm currently loving <3

On Saturday Ashleigh and I went over Borehamwood and saw some stuff I had never seen before. Some pictures are down below. The first one is of my dream house, that I said I wanted when I was older. Picture number two is of Ashleigh walking down the steps near some park. Picture number three is of a friendly cat I made friends with.
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On Sunday after church Ashleigh, my mum and I went to my mum's best friends house to see her newborn baby girl. We even got her some really cute baby stuff and toys. Just like every baby she was super duper cute and petite. The photo below is of her sleeping taken by me.
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Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I also wanted to add in an apology for not blogging so much when I did so well in May at blogging :( Oh well. Have a great rest of the week,

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