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by - June 18, 2015

Is it only me that has realised EVERY SINGLE shop is doing a summer sale? (Well, most shops) I guess you could say summer is a big time on the fashion industry, with all the posters and signs saying 'IT'S SUMMER!' around February! Summer is one of my most favourite seasons. The hot sun, the days at the beach, and not to mention NO SCHOOL! Let's be honest here, that's the real reason we all love summer. This summer will be different though because I would love it for the wonderful sales we have all been blessed with. So get ready your cropped tops and dresses and throw away your leggings and jumpers. It's finally summer! Out of complete kindness I decided to show you guys my summer wish list. I've kept it short so you're welcome.

Displaying IMG_3642.JPG The first image is of the dress from Zara. I really like this because of the patterns it has around the neck area of the dress. I have a gut feeling that patterns will be one of the summer styles people would be trying. 

Displaying IMG_3646.JPG
Displaying IMG_3641.JPG

Item number two is also a dress! This is really weird since I never wear dresses. This is called the from Nasty Gal. As you can see I was still going with my gut feeling that patterns will be 'in' this summer. The dress is quite pricey but some things are worth it. I didn't do much bargain hunting so you could properly find the same dress somewhere cheaper. 

PATTERNS AGAIN! Somebody stop me, I'm going pattern crazy! This skirt is from the one and only TopShop! I really like the floral print it has and the cute pockets. I've been more into skirts recently and I think this (name) will fit right in. 

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I'm going to be honest and say that I have never in my entire life ever liked jellies shoes, but I've decided to start opening up my closet to different things (just like jelly shoes.) These jellies shoes are shop Office in the Juju Jellies area. They were a great price as well I totally recommend getting yourself a pair. 
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My final item is these GORGEOUS shoes from Urban Outfitters. OH-MY-GAWD! Words cannot describe how much I love these shoes. I honestly know the feeling that Carrie Bradshaw gets with shoes. I found these shoes on some girl's Instagram account and fell in love. From that moment I knew I had to get those shoes. The girl's Instagram in down below because her photos have really nice clothes so yeah. Follow her :) 
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I hope you have enjoyed my new post. Stay up to date with my blog by following my Bloglovin' account I made. One last thing before I end, I made the new summer playlist to jam out to while checking out all these summer sales going on. It would be lovely for you to check it out and follow my new 8track.

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