90's lovin'

by - July 24, 2015

Cher Horowitz, I wish I was her. She is so classy. So stylish. So graceful. So sophisticated. I literally wish I was her or maybe even Dionne, her best friend. But of course that will never because they're amazing and I'm bluh. Imagine having her life, what teenager jhas that life? Anyway for now all I can do is quote Clueless everyday 
and admire her clothing...

Lizzie McGuire. Her, Marada and Gordo were my bestfirend goals. The type of clothing they wore were so CRAZY and EPIC! Did the kids in the 90's dress like that? If so I wish I was them. I've been watching all the episodes for some reason. Now that I've rewatched the series I feel the need to metion them. 

The last 90's show that I'm going to talk about is Saved By The Bell. Is it awkward that everything they wear back then is something I would wear now-a-days? I think they're outfits are so bold and fantastic. (I can't describe stuff) Anyway here are some of my favourites.

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