collages, gifs, polyvore and 5000 views

by - July 26, 2015

Today I decided I was going to be a loner and stay at home and watch tv till my eyes bleed. Totally my own decision. Not like that has basically my entire summer so far *crying*. I layed around in pajamas all day: doodling, finishing off Dawson's Creek season 2, dressing up and failing at trying to clean my room. Wow. How exciting is my life?! I also learned how to make a gif! And make a couple collages too!

so that happend :o

Are you a fashion lover? Yes. Are you sick of not knowing what to wear with what? YEs. Are you sick of bargain hunting?  YES! Well, have I got a app for you. YAYYYYY!
Polyvore is an website (and app) where fashion lovers come together to seek to newest trends, styles, products and looks. It allows you to create collages (better known as sets) where you can create an outfit for others to see and like. My favourite thing about Polyvore is the 'shop' tab. Here it allows you to shop for whatever you wants and compare the prices! 

Moving on... I CREATED A BLOG VIDEO! Why? Because I finally reached 5000 pageviews. I honestly think that is awesome so THANK YOU so much for reading my blog over the years and putting up with my awkwardness xx
(btw I'm sorry about the quality of the video, my laptop is rubbish) 

bringing back to Sunday playlist again so here you are: Reasons To Be Happy

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