darling i'm a mess without you're love

by - July 29, 2015

My sister nearly died of laughter today because I was being chased by a bee and screaming for my 'mummy'. Bear in mind that this bee was no ordinary bee. It was gigantic bee. If I had not shrieked for my 'mummy' I would of got stung.

Call me a child but I still love Disney Channel. Very much. Since I'm grounded I've been spending my summer days locked up in the colossal of mess (known as my room), under the covers watching Girl Meets World. Talk about an inspiration program. I love how it's a spin off of the ever so popular Boy Meets World.
Which brings me to Rowan Blanchard. Have you been keeping up with her instagram? Um... Feed goals and outfit goals <3 I seriously wish I was her best friend so we can share clothes and shop together. Anyways, here are some of my favourite things she's worn in her Instagram photos:

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