lazy oaf lovin'

by - July 30, 2015

My summer so far hasn't been all that fun. But, today I feel quite perky. Instead of eating breakfast this morning I decided to watch videos of Tavi on Youtube. She's just so inspirational. I guess her words made me get my mojo back. Thank you Tavi :)

For some time I've been into the London shop, Lazy Oaf. I've been really into their bright clothing, prints and 80's kind of style. They have a the type of clothing that will allow you to stand out in a crowd and make people wonder 'how cool does she/he look' or 'her style is so unique.'

Below are just some of Lazy Oaf's Autumn 15 Womens Collection and Lazy Oaf's Summer 15 collection. These are literally the cutest clothing. The only bad thing is that I think some of their clothing are a bit overpriced, other than that, they're a great shop.

Lazy Oaf Autumn 15 Women's Collection

Lazy Oaf Summer 2015

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