perfect nails, tavi, petra and a youtube video????

by - July 21, 2015

You know what I'm sick of? Perfect nails! I've always been pretty awful at doing my nails. I'm sick of trying to paint it perfectly and then getting the paint around the edges and struggling’ to clean the edges. In the end I just get really frustrated and annoyed at myself, so give up. If only there was a much more simpler way to do nails perfectly. Oh wait, there is. You could pay for it. But I'm always poor so boo.

Once again I don't know where my head is or what Im actually going to be writing about in this post. All I know is that I gotta finish and post this before my mother gets back from work to tell me to tidy up my room. 'I'm a teenager my rooms supposed to be messy.'

Anyway I don't know how to describe my newly founded obsession with everyone's teen queen, Tavi Gevinson. I tweet to her everyday and never miss a post on her teen website, Rookie. She's done a bunch of stuff in her life- starting a blog at 11, going on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Fashion Week's, meeting Anna Wintour. The girl is a legend. Not to mention her cute inspirational style she has. I physical love her. Her some videos about her and her awesome rookie world.

Something else I recently taken a liking to is Photography. I know what you're thinking. 'I could possible never be into that.' But I am. When you find a Canon AE-1 camera on Ebay for 40 pounds, you start to like taking photos.
I'm currently loving the photographer, Petra Collins. She's 22 years old and from Canada. She's like best friends with Tavi (here I go again.) Her photos are really cool. I'm sorry I really crap when it comes to describing things. Her photos are top notch tumblr photography. (How was I?)

Sorry if this post was weird. I literally just typed it up. No planning or anything. (As if I usually plan anything.) Let's all just be thankful that I finished it before my mum came home, so I didn't need to tidy up my room! YAY I'M A MESSY TEENAGER! 
Since it's summer I'm going to try and be more active with my blog and post everyday. (lies) I just really want to get to 100 post already. 
Before I end this I just wanted to say that I made a Youtube video. I know- kill me. It's SUPER annoying. You've been warned. 

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