S/S 2016 Collections

by - July 22, 2015

I felt like an uber weird girly girl this morning as I looked through Vouge's Alexander McQueen S/S 2016 collection. I couldn't but fall in love with all of his designs and collections, but the six outfits above just seemed to make happy. Which was really great since it gave me a blog idea...

My Favourite Summer Spring 2016 Collections

The Alexander McQueen has to be the best one from my opinion. I really love the long skirts and dresses worn with the bowling type of shoes. It reminds me of the dresses they worn in the 1940's. The dress at the end is my favourite one. I think the bottom of the dress is absolutely beautiful, mostly because of the flowers going up and around the dress. SEE THE REST OF HIS COLLECTION.
The Mother Of Pearl collection is also another favourite in my opinion. On the last two photos on the first row, I really love the patterns. Summer is a great time to wear patterns so I honestly love how they put it in there. I like the black dress (first picture) because it's really nice and simple. The second set of photos are my favourite row because of the natural colours and style of clothing. I recommend checking out Mother Of Pearls collection, you'll love it. SEE THE REST OF THE COLLECTION.

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