this summer will be different 2

by - July 19, 2015

Hello! I tied up in so many things lately that I don't even know where my head it at. Teachers have been throwing test at me as if I was a Einstein and my mother has been going on and on about tidying my room. I'm a 14 year old teenage girl, my room is supposed to be messy. We've also had this thing called Drama Festival (basically an end of year performance), which has been nothing but stress, not to mention we had sports day and I now look 10 times darker because of the sun. Luckily it is now summer and I couldn't be happier.

Photo from Tumblr

As I sat in my last lesson on Friday, I couldn't stop thinking about last summer and how awful it went. If you can remember I set myself 'goals' that I wanted to complete by the end of summer. That didn't go so well.


  • Take a cool photo in my summer bikini to show off my summer bikini body
  • Get a summer bikini body
  • Make a vlog
  • Go to the beach
  • make 10 more playlist on 8Tracks
  • Spend money as if I was Blair Waldorf
  • Start watching scandal
  • blog 2 times a week
Those are this years summer expectations for me. Wish me luck x

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