2015 Summer Wish List

by - August 12, 2015

I'm not very sure how to start this post. I feel like I just woke up from a really deep sleep, which I did. (Bare in mind that 's 1pm) I really felt like it was summer yesterday due to how extremely hot it was when I went to buy milk from the corner shop. #convenient! Back to the point. Here's one of my wish list post I used to do. Enjoy! :)

Urban Outfitters- BDG Corduroy Pinafore Dress- £46
In my opinion pinafore dresses are the cutest dresses ever. They're the Means Girls of dresses around the world and all the other dresses wish they were them. This one looks really cute and 60s mod which I looooove about them. Well, that and the colour of the dress. 

American Apparel- Nathalie Du Pasquier Kaya Tomato Print Rayon Tent Dress- £75
Cute! Cute! CUTE! That is the only word that comes to my mind when I see this dress. The clothes in American Apparel look so beautiful, but as I was scrolling down AA's website this dress just caught my eye. Really eye catching, don't you think? 

Lazy Oaf- Silver Metallic Skirt- £45
This skirt is the those skirts that you rather like or dislike. Me, I like it. I think it looks different and I like different. It's also from one of my favourite stores, Lazy Oaf.

Asos -WHITE Seam Detail Shirt Dress- £55
I think shirt dresses are really cute and classy and really lovely to wear in the summer. I just adore how you can wear it in a going out way and a casual way. You can accessorise it in so many ways and make it look really awesome as well. Just ask Tumblr!

BooHoo- Jade Slim Fit Denim Jacket- £15
I've always wanted a jeans jacket. Well, technically I do have a jeans jacket, but not a really cool 70s jeans jacket like this one. 

Yay another pinafore! But this one is even better. IT'S SUEDE! Talk about 60s meet 70s. This and the price made me happy. Pretty Little Thing always make the cutest clothing with cheap prices unlike other shops. 

Arabelle Akinfe


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