Sleek eyeliner review

by - August 14, 2015

Hello readers! How are y'all? I literally had the best day ever yesterday, watching chick flicks in my underwear while binging on food- what gets better than that! I know I'm no beauty blogger but wanted to start doing new things. Today I wanted to review my favourite liquid eyeliner, the Sleek MakeUP DIP-IT eyeliner. 

As you can see from the photo above, the bottle is quite small, yet I've had it for like 6 mouths so far and it hasn't ran out. Sleek is one of my favourite brands. I love there eyeshadow palettes and the eyebrow things. The eyeliner lasts a really long time and the price is really good. It doesn't take a long time for it to dry and it never crumbles off. 

My attempt at doing winged eyeliner

I feel like with this eyeliner you can achieve one of those really on fleek Tumblr eyeliners because of how lovely the dip it brush is. 
To sum up, this eyeliner did not irritate my eyelids and I would definitely repurchase and recommend you to buy it due to it's consistency and hastily it take to dry. I don't think I can say anything bad about this eyeliner because I find it just so perfect. 



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