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by - August 07, 2015

From The Virgin Suicides movie
Ugh, I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. Maybe because I haven't. What's it been? 9...10 days. Who knows? Before you start yelling at me, I have a reason. I've been obsessing (like always.) Seems like that what most of my summer has been so far. That and all my bitching and moaning. In other words, I've been being a normal teenager. YAY! Which is the reason I decided not the blog. I would of ended up doing a mega long blog rant about something nobody cares about. Luckily, I feel way better and I'm really to share with you some of my latest obsessions ;) keep reading <3

I recently read an article Tavi Gevinson (only the most inspirational person ever) did for The WW Club. It's pretty cool how reading how similar you can be to someone completely different than yourself. It just really goes to show happens to people very differently but the same. We're all faced with challenges, life gets weird and it gets awesome. As human beings we're allowed to feel all the emotions we experience. It's in fact what makes us human. Go check it out, I recommend it.

I also decided to go watch some old videos of Tavi today. I really love the TED talk one. It's a good reminder that just because I'm interested in feminism and I identify as a feminist does not mean in any way that I hold answers to the questions I'm asking. I will always love this video and the perspective Tavi speaks from. I also recommend it <3

 I've been trying to change my room and make it into those Tumblr rooms you see on Tumblr. So far, so good. But I'm not going to share any pictures until the final results. Thanks to all the YouTube videos I've been watching this has been possible. I kindly linked a few videos I thought were great if any of you bros want to customise your room.

Since I haven't actually been a busy bee this summer, I've also been doing a whole of DIYs. There are some really cool ones on Rookie (which I'm totally hooked on at the moment) that I like and of course so cool ones on Pinterest or YouTube. (Thank the Lord for social media)
Rookiemag DIYs:
YouTube DIYs:

I know this blog post hadn't exactly been the longest, so I super sorry. I'm just so so busy. I'm going to try and get back on track with blogging and try to not to fall into the hole of teenage angst. Before I go just wanted to address that I uploaded a new playlist and YouTube video up so you can go check them out :)

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