Inspiration People | Part 1

by - September 10, 2015

Aha! At last we met again! I feel like the worst excuse for a blogger. I haven't posted in ages and even when I do its not a very good post. I decided to do all my homework early and catch up on all of my Teen Wolf episodes, just so I could blog with no excuse. (Not to mention that I actually tidied up my room as well).

Last night as I sat in bed, I was thinking about a question I'm always being asked. 'Who's my inspiration?' According to Google, the word 'inspiration' means: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. So who makes me want to do something creative? Only all the amazing people below.

Tavi Gevinson

Oh, how I wish Tavi was my cool older sister. As you probably know, Tavi Gevinson was a blogger for many years starting at the age of 11 with her blog, Style Rookie. By the time she was 15 she made a website, Rookie Mag, and focus more on pop culture and feminist discussion. Tavi has also attended Fashion Weeks and been featured in many magazines and blogs.

Amandla Stenburg

Amanda is a best own for her role is the Hunger Games and all the other shows and movies she's stared in. She inspires me for something else... Her courage. I love how she speaks about topics that are important, such as race and feminist issues. By the way, she's only 16! She's so wise, yet so young. I suggest you follow her on Twitter to gain more wisdom and inspiration from her.

Rowan Blanchard

You may notice Rowan from the Disney Channels, Girl Meets World or maybe even Spy Kids. But I'm not going to be talking about her amazing acting skills. Rowan recently caught the media's attention when she posted 3 pictures on Instagram of her amazing essay on the issues with "white feminism". Rowan made some brilliant points in the Tumblr reply. It's seriously amazing, especially for her age. Rowan has even spoken at the UN Woman and U.S. National Committee for the #TeamHeForShe campaign. Rowan is only 13 years old and, just like Amandla, wise beyond her years.

#1 Most Influential Gal In The World

My Mama! I Love You xxx Shoutout to my mum because it's her birthday on Sunday and she's awesome :)

There are way more people that inspire me, but I really don't have time to write about how amazing they are. My sister just told me "imagine if they were reading this." Tavi, Amandla, Rowan if you're reading this I would just like to say that I think you guys are simply amazing. So  young but so wise. I can tell that you'll be great people in life so keep on doing what you're doing. Also I fangirl every time I see an new article about you gals.

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