Tumblr Tuesdays (Pommie Girl inspired)

by - September 01, 2015

Today was unexpectedly not a crazy day. The summer went by so quickly and I seriously can't believe it's already school tomorrow. Although I want it to still be summer, I'm still a little excited for school. Because of the boring summer I've had this year, I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal school life. Getting 6 hours of sleep, running for bus, forgetting lunch money. I miss it all. I'm probably going to regret saying all of this but oh well.

Today I'm doing something I was inspired to do by the most beautiful blogger, That Pommie Girl. It's called Tumblr Tuesday and I don't know I thought I'll be cool if I did it. You can go check her latest post on her blog.

Here are the latest tumblings on my Tumblr account. (Aka: sassynutellaxo ) If I was to describe this collection of photos I'll call it: a collection of everything pink, pretty and cool stuff. Ha, I'm so good at describing things.

So those are my recent tumblings on my Tumblr which you can go follow: sassynutellaxo
I don't know if I'll keep doing post like these, I'm not so sure. Comment down what you think about seeing more Tumblr Tuesdays.

Arabelle Akinfe

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