My Favourite S/S 16 Collections

by - October 20, 2015

1. Kalmanovich S/S 16

The photos above were not taken by me, nor do they belong to me. The photos above are just a few examples of the admirable Summer/ Spring 16 collection by Kalmanovich. That's right, even though I haven't been blogging so much recently, I've kept the Vogue Collection app wide open. 
After looking at the entire collection by Kalmanovich, they've became one of my favourite designers. The 90's look in their collection is just Maybe it's the tights worn in the second outfit, or the chocker worn in all or them. Whatever it is, I'm obsessed! 
The sling dress worn in outfit number 4 is so popular. I keep on seeing it on every designers S/S collection. I love it! I want it! I need it! 
See the full collection at: 

2. Ashish S/S 16

The Ashish collection. Once again sling dresses and originally were shown in this collection. The clothes look super awesome and very skater girl like, especially in outfit number 4. I like the how to skateboards are there, maybe the collection was supposed to look skater girl ish. If so, they sure did a great job of showing it. Another thing I find interesting about this collection is the colours. I've never been one of those people to like boring solid colours and if I could, I'll wear the entire rainbow. Unfortunately, I think people will give me a funny look if I wore the entire rainbow. I'll just have to stick with Ashish. 
See the entire collection: 

3. Fendi S/S 16

Guess what's my favourite bit about this collection? You guest it! The eye-catching puffy sleeves! How does collection look though?! I don't know why but, I can literally imagine these four models walking down the high school corridors as if they were The Plastics from Means Girl, expect they wear red on Wednesdays. Get it? I'm so funny! (Not) Another thing I liked were the accessories they carried aka handbags, and the makeup look done. 

Those are top three favourite summer spring collections done in a few fashion weeks. If you liked this one, maybe I'll do a autumn winter version. I'm so very sorry for not posting anything for so long. There's been so many stuff happening at school and I was sick a few days ago so that also happened. From now on I'm going to start posting more and being more active. xoxo

Arabelle Akinfe

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