tavi vs me and gucci fashion show

by - October 02, 2015

Okay so here's a little confession. I'm sometimes a little jealous of my idol, Tavi Gevinson. Then again, who wouldn't be. When she was my age (14) she was being featured in magazines or smiling cheek to cheek with Anna Wintour at Paris Fashion Week. 
And then there's me. Finishing off the final episodes of The Walking Dead in bed, while eating a bowl of CocoPops cereal, admiring Tavi from the sidelines. Oh life!

I don't want to get into all the Fashion Weeks that have been going on but... CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW RAD GUCCI WAS?! The Gucci collection was viewed at Milan Fashion Week that I was unable to go to because of school and the fact that I live in England. Luckily, thanks to social media, I got to see a lot if videos of the beautiful collection. Sara Mower described the collection as "geeky, girly, vintage-like..." I'll describe it as a totally rad 60s-70s modern geek chic collection. I dont know if its only me but I think all the models used look like the typical American geeks you see in the movies even though underneath they're goddesses. ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO GUCCI! :)

Arabelle Akinfe

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