Why Did I Start Blogging? Part 1

by - October 04, 2015

As you know I'm currently in secondary school also known 'high school' and 'the worst best times of your life.' I can't say i'm like every other teenage girl my age. I don't go too much parties, nor do I enjoyed the ones I go to and I rather spend my teen years locked away in bedroom, ALONE! But, there's something else that separates me from other girls my age. I have a blog. This blog.

I can probably count 1 million people that have asked me why I have a blog. I don't blame them. Having a blog in my school mean that you're instantly labeled as a weirdo. I never really cared, as being labeled as weirdo was much more better than being labeled as an 'average normal teenage girl'. 
Being normal was never something I wanted. Standing out was something I've always wanted. When I was younger I always wore weird accessorizer and a backpack that stood out just so I could be different. I said weird things so people don't label me as one of 'them'.
Why Did I Start Blogging? Reason 1: To be different.

Being different was one thing. Doing different things, was another. While my friends were watching Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie, I turned on the TV to MTV's Awkward. How I love that show? Jenna Hamilton. Only the coolest girl ever. She was the boy magnet by day and the awkward blogger by night. If you were a confused tween, I'm sure you would want to be just like Jenna Hamilton too. 
Why Did I Start Blogging? Reason 2: I was obsessed with Jenna Hamilton.

So those are the two main reasons I started blogging. I wanted to post this before I hit 1 million, so I could look back on life when I'm much more older and profession and see if there's any changes. We were all born to different, not the same. So, why stay in your 'comfort zone' when the doors unlocked.

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