self expression in style

by - November 09, 2015

I feel like so many people claim to dress like an individual, and express themselves through their clothing, but in real reality it seems like they've only just taken someone else's style.
I always say that my style comes from inspiration. Inspiration mean borrowed. I am borrowing someone else's style? If we create our self through inspiration, does that mean we're borrowing someone's identity? Is it wrong to borrow someone's style identity?

Lately I've been questioning my style. I claim to have my own style but do I really? I'm always saying how Amanda Steele is my style inspiration, so am I stealing her style? Maybe that could be known as identity theft since your style represents who you are.
In short words, self expression is to express yourself in whatever. What I'm wondering is what it means to self express? Is it basically creating your own image/ identity? Or is that borrowing someone else's until you find your own? What's my image or identity? Who am I?
I think self expression and identity are very different. I think self expression is incredible, because it is the ability to express parts of you through thousands of mediums and acts, and as these parts of you change, the way you express them can too, and to me, that seems simple and beautiful.
This post was short, weird and unusual. I'm like a 5 year old child with so many questions. Style is a beautiful way of self expression but I think I've got to stop trying to work out who am I and find my identity so I can just live life. Someone once said identity is like a heavy stone, you've got to spot trying to lift it.
(Sorry about grammar or misspelled words; didn't proof read.)

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