Top 2015 Fashion Momens

by - December 29, 2015

Hey guys! As 2015 is sadly coming to an end, I thought I'll follow the trend that's going on a remember 2015 by counting down the top 5 moments in fashion we will all remember. Enjoy!


1. Gucci goes geek chic 

For Gucci's SS16 collection shown at fashion week they dress their models in a chic geek way. This brought the attention of many as Gucci has never done anything like this before. I wrote more about this on another post so go check that out.


2. Rhianna at the Met Gala

You probably saw this all over your Twitter timeline because everyone was talking about her amazing/ beautiful/ awesome/ did I mention amazing? Dress she was wearing. Rhianna appeared on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in an bright yellow, fur-trimmed cape that was embroidered with scrolls and scrolls and scrolls of floral. Rhianna told “I can’t really walk in it without any help—but it’s so worth it. I love this dress so much! It’s Chinese couture and it’s made by Guo Pei. It’s handmade by one Chinese woman and it took her two years to make. I found it online.” 


3. Zoolander at Valentino

At Paris Fashion Week, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson attended Valentino's catwalk, but not as an audience. As models! They did this so that they could announce that they're making a Zoolander 2 coming in 2016. As a Zoolander fan I was very very very excited bout this news. Here's a video of there sassy walk down the runway. 

4. Joan Didion for Céline 

Hurrah! Fashion celebrated the intelligence and heralding of the finest writers of the past half-century as a role model. Yassssss! 

Hope you enjoyed that. Sorry I didn't write so much. Some days I feel like I can't write, today was one of those days lol. Thank you! I love you! Bye! 


Arabelle Akinfe

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