Wannabe Joey Potter Style

by - January 02, 2016

Ah, the 90's. The time when fashion was a little underrated and relaxed and actually attainable. Aka the good times.

Here comes Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek with her laidback, cool girl, tomboy chic look. I wish I was her. She spoke fluent sarcasm and was a total boy magnet.
Joey was head over heels in love with her best friend fro childhood across the creek, Dawson. She spent her days pining for him, while she harboured interests in art and passed the time by working in the Capeside Ice House as a waitress.

I have to admit. I'm super jealous of Joey. With her simple, effortless style. IT'S SIMPLY AMAZINGLY AMAZING! Joey is actual inspiration. She's so smart and came from a really depressed, yet great, home life. Yet, she still had the courage to do all the things she does. Just like her personality, her style is another inspiring thing about her. It even inspired me to show my wannnabe-simple-pimple-joey-style. Enjoy!

Jeans Jacket: New Look
White T-Shirt: Primark
Pinafore: Asos

The shoes I was wearing are white superstars with glitter socks from Topshop. I tried and tried to take a photo of them, but it wasn't looking as cool. Here's an attempt that when blurry but, still looks cool.

So anyways I hope you like this post. This is actually my first post of 2016! WOW! I recommend you 10000000 times to watch Dawson's Creek. It's soooo good and the story line is just so interesting.

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