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by - January 23, 2016

You know when you have cold and still have to go to school, so people look at you like you're gross just because you sneezed twenty times in a row. Yeah? Because that's how I feel.

Hey guys! In this blog post I've decided to tell you guys my style icons. I talk so much about style that I thought it would be fair if you know who inspires my style. Are any of my style icons the same as yours? Enjoy!

Tavi Gevinson 

Did I even need to mention her on this? If your an active reader on my blog, you'll know that just had to mention my future bff, Tavi Gevinson. I don't know what it is about her style that just makes me so happy. Is it because of how wowing and unique she is or is it because she's just simply amazing! Who knows? These are my favourite style looks from the wonderful Tavi Gevinson!!!

Charli XCX 

The next person is Charli XCX she's so wonderful. Like seriously, imagine having her wardrobe. That's probably what heaven like? Everyone creeping around in Charli's high knee boots or that sassy feather boa she wears. If only... Anyway I think she's a style icon to me because she's just really brave with her fashion and seems like she breaks the rules. Yes, that was supposed to be a pun to her song Break The Rules. Duh? Here are my favourite looks from the amazing Charli XCX!!!

Isabella Rose Taylor 

The last person is someone I've only recently knew about. Not only is this person a inspiration one but she's also a really good fashion designer... Isabella Rose Taylor. Isabella is a fashion designer and she's only 14! She's the same age as me and she's a designer already. Her style is also really tumblr and cute which basically describes me. I wish I was her! Go check out her website for photos of her collections.

Those were my style icons! Are some of them yours too! Tell me down below in the comments. Love you,

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