Dollskill Wishlist //made with Polyvore

by - February 25, 2016

I recently heard about the website Dollskill from Instagram famous account people and OMG, I love it! If you didn't know, pastel colours are my absolute favourite colours so when I went onto Dollskill's you could imagine how happy I am. They have the cutest clothing and I'm just so obsessed! By the way this blog post isn't sponsored by Dollskill (but hit me up if you know what I mean *wink*) I wanted to they you guys about Dollskill.

DollsKill Wishlist

High Heels Suicide denim jacket
£100 -

24HRS high waisted skirt
£49 -

Japan L some
£120 -

The Ragged Priest high rise jeans
£84 -

IHeart pointed-toe pumps
£67 -

Y.R.U. ankle boots
£67 -

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