by - February 13, 2016

I definitely didn't plan to blog today but something way too fantastic happen to me and I just had to share it.
You know how I've had a girl crush on the beautiful Tavi Gevinson for maybe a year now?! (Read my many post about her by clicking this this link)

Well, at 11:19pm (London time) she followed me! You heard right?! She followed me!! Of course after I got the notification about this I screamed and shared the news with my pals.

Don't believe me? Here's a screenshot that I will treasure forever:

Here's a screenshot of what I sent to my friend:

And finally here's a photo of what I wrote in my diary the day after:

"Dear Diary, Something amazing has happened! Tavi Gevinson followed me! Yes! That's right! TAVI GEVINSON FOLLOWED ME! MEE! This is of course proof she knows I exist. I can already see the future! Me and her walking down 5th Avenue! OMG! I'm too excited right now OML!"

This must be what it feels like to go to heaven. No one can really put my mood down anymore. I love life. And if Tavi is reading this I would like to say, I love you so much! You're my idol! Keep being you because you are queen! Thank you!

From Tavi's Instagram

Instagram: arabelleakinfe
Twitter: arabelleakinfex

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