Update and OOTD [16/02/16]

by - February 17, 2016

Hey guys! As you can tell from my blog, I haven't been blogging as well as I used to. I'm sort of trying to figure out what sort of blog I want this to be about. Of course I want to be focused on fashion and my style, but I'm really confused on what my style really is? If that makes any sense.
This post is sort of going to be an update post of what's going on and stuff. So enjoy!

I want to start blogging every Tuesday and Thursday. On the Tuesday's I want to do an outfit of the day (ootd) and on the Thursday's I want do normal fashion blogger post. I decided to start doing ootd's so I can show you guys my personal style (which I'm still sort of confused on).

I want to start making YouTube videos so much, but I so scared to. If that makes any sense. I just feel like it will be really awkward if I did start that. It's weird- I know.

Lastly I want to start being a better blogger and focus more on blog than I did before. I recently order a really nice marble notebook binder from Amazon and I cant wait to start using it and writing down blog ideas and stuff. Love you guys and thank you for 12,000 views!!!

In this outfit I'm wearing a white crop top from Topshop, a leather jacket from New Look (the American version, I'm not sure if it's the same), and my grey joggers that I basically live in. For shoes I have on the all white slip on Vans which you can get from any shoe store. I'm wearing no accessories with this as I'm trying to keep it simple and casual.

♡ Arabelle ♡

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