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by - March 03, 2016

Hey guys! When it was the beginning of the year, I told myself that I want to do more stuff on by blog that can help others, especially teenage girls. Which is why I've decided to do a new segment on this called, Help The Teenage Soul. In today's blog post I am going to be showing websites that can help the teenage soul. You're welcome! Enjoy!

Ever have questions about teen stuff, that is too embarrassing to ask your parents and friends? I've been there. I recommend going a website called (girl is spelt the cool way so you know it amazing). will give you those answers to your dying questions. They also do article things that really relate to teen life and all that buzz. You'll also find videos and message boards where teen girls can chat about the topics most important to them. Take quizzes, such as what costume you should wear for Halloween or what your flirting style says about you. It's such a great website and I recommend going on it 100% because it will help you in so many ways.

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Omg! I know I talk about Rookie Mag all the time on this blog, but I just had to mention it! Rookie Mag is basically a bible. A bible for teenagers to read, learn, a enjoy from. Just like Gurl, they do mini articles too! Every month they set a theme for the website and do stuff about that topic. It's genius! Oh yeah, did I metal that it's was founded by my queen, my idol, my role model- Tavi Gevinson! My favourite thing about the website is the Dear Diary post. They seem to always relate to me and help me. It's just too amazing to describe! Go check it out

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Ah Wattpad, my absolutely number one favourite website! Usually I'm not much of a reader, but when I discovered Wattpad it made me like books even if they were just made up fan fiction. I was also never a fan of One Direction and Harry Styles but ever since Wattpad, every time I hear the word daddy or Larry (things fans called Harry Styles) I get so excited! The number one thing I love about Wattpad is that it has a book for everyone.

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Hope you enjoy this post! What's your favourite website? Tell me! Love you & thanks for reading! Arabelle XOXO

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