Oils that will SAVE your life!

by - April 23, 2016

Hey guys! I'm not an expert on oils or anything to do with skincare, but today I am going to be telling you all about three skincare products that have basically saved my skin many many times.

1. Castor Oil

Castor Oil is basically and hair growth products. Whether it be you need to grow your eyebrows or eyelashes or even you actually hair. I try use this everyday by dipping my finger into the container and putting in where I need to. I suggest that if you are going to use the castor oil to grow your eyelashes longer, you should definitely you a brush. By using your finger you're a risk of getting the oil in your eye. Overall castor oil is a great oil and can change or life (or your eyebrow game) drastically!

2. Bio oil/ Rescue oil 

Now a days I use rescue oil, back it's basically the exact same thing as bio oil. What is product does is take away any of those dark spots or scars left after a pimple or acne. When I use this, I like to put the product in the palm of my hand and press it on to my face. You can also use this product for stretch marks or shaving accidents, basically anything that would give you a scars. 

3. Tea Tree Oil (photo not mine)

I have just finished using the sample bottle I got of this. If you have acne or get a lot of breakouts. Tea tree oil will literally save your life. After using this product for about 1 mouth, you could already see how much clearer my face had gotten. I used The Body Shop tea tree oil by pouring it in to a spray bottle, I got from Pound land,  and spraying it on my face everyday.  I highly recommend getting this product if you have acne, like I used to have. 

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~Arabelle Akinfe 

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