Outfit ♡ Am I Wednesday Addams?

by - April 05, 2016

Hi guys! I haven't done an outfit post in forever which is why today I decided to show you a dress I've been obsessed with lately. So I guess you could say this is sort of a lastest obsession outfit post. Woah! I've been loving the flowy baby doll dress look, that you've probably seen in horror movies or in pictures from the 70s/90s. So when I found a flowy baby doll black and white dress. I just had to buy it! This is how I wore it:

My sister was back from university for a week so she was able to take the photo, instead of me taking awkward mirror pictures. Anyway in this outfit I'm wearing a dress from Asos and Chelsea boots from Zara. I didn't really wear much accessories because I thought I looked really weird when I did wear them. 

I just also wanted to mention that I now have a  Pose account. Pose is a website where you can post outfits of the what you wear and stuff. If you have an account and would like to follow me, my username is: Arabelleaknife 
Thanks for reading, 

Arabelle Akinfe

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