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I thought I’d put a very frivolous post title, because I’m not really feeling frivolous at all. Enjoy!

Ugh, guys I think I'm sick. I think I have lonely-holiday-syndrome: I feel like holidays can get so tiresome and hard to do. I mean, I much prefer them to school, because I actually get to sleep past 6:00am. But it’s kinda hard to keep yourself busy for nearly six weeks! Especially when you're not going on holiday like ALL your friends. At school you’re constantly doing something or around people, whether you like it or not. I sound kinda lonerish, but I feel like I have to organise things so my time is tightly packed in and I have to be really productive and get things done otherwise I just turn into a slug. Which I kind of already am. What I find most hard to not be sitting on the sofa on facebook/tumblr/twitter/blogger every night doing the same thing, it’s so boring. What/where are some cool places/things you recommend me to do?

Do you ever feel like our society is some times quite screwed up. I used to think that skinny girls look nicer. Believe me, nearly every girl in this world wanna get in the good looking club. But then I saw girls desperately posting up dieting tips on their tumblr blogs, sick quotes about not eating to be thin, and photos of pretty girls with distinct hip bones and bony torsos being reblogged. Sometimes I don't like how fashion portrays 'the pretty world' with models' legs that literally look like chopsticks. It's like a competition; we are all rats, running for the rat race by becoming what people want us to be. It's depressing to see that people dont appreciate their body. Just by learning more about these things make me appreciate and be proud my body.

On a different note, I'm sorry this post isn't really a 'fashion' or 'beauty' post. I keep on trying to focus on one topic for my blog but I don't really want to fall into any category- you know? So from now on this blog post will be sort of random until I try and figure things out, sorry.

Since it's summer I've been watching a bunch of movies and tv shows that really relate to the average teenager. All the movies/ tv shows mentioned are so totally worth watching. I only named a few but if you want me to say more just tell me so in the comments.

- Freaks and Geeks (Tv Show)
- Daria (TV Show)
- Ghost World (Movie)

- The Craft (Movie)
- Degrassi (TV Show)
- My So-Called Life (Mini TV Show)
- Undeclared (Mini TV Show)
- My Mad Fat Diary (TV Show)

- Braceface (TV Show)
- That 70s Show (TV Show)
- John Tucker Must Die (Movie)

- Raising Helen (Movie)
- Because Of Winn Dixie (Movie)- you will cry
- Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants 1&2 (Movie)

As for fashion, for this summer I've been really into the 00s + baddie Instagram look. I just think this personal style suits me the best. I've left some inspiration pictures/videos of what my summer fashion inspiration came from.

Here's one more thing. While I was on YOUNOW Griffin Arndull said hi to me. I'm still freaking out!

Arabelle Akinfe

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