OOTD + Where have I been?

by - July 09, 2016

Hey everyone! I so sorry I haven't been blogging lately. It always seems like my excuse for not blogging has always been because of school. But seriously this time it is because of school. It's nearly summer and I can't wait to actually blog more good context. Also don't forget to check out my YouTube channel as I been posting quite a bit over there.

Anyways here's an outfit I put together a few days ago. If you would like to buy any of these items, I've linked them all down below. Hope you like it. This outfit is very simple and relaxed, I can defiantly see me wearing this outfit again in the future. top is just a plain ribbed sort of cropped vest from Topshop. In this outfit I am also wearing mom jeans from Topshop too :) The boots I paired with this outfit is from River Island. As far as accessories go, I'm wearing a chocker that I brought from Amazon. I am also carrying my mini satchel from Asos.

I hope you enjoyed this post x
Arabelle Akinfe

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