Storytime: Dying From The Chickenpoxs

by - July 28, 2016

Hello everyone! Today I am going to willing embarrass myself and do a story time post. I see people do things like this all over YouTube so I thought I'd might as well bring the party here! Let's get started because I always take long introducing a blog post. Enjoy!

When I was 6 years old I had caught the chicken poxs from someone in school so I had to stay in my locked room because my older sister hadn't got the chicken poxs. Luckily I had a TV in my room so I didn't die of boredom. My mum decided to tape oven mitts to my hands so I could stop itching myself because that could make the chicken poxs worst. My mum then decided to call the doctors just to see what she should do next. After the doctor hangs up my mums stays on the phone and starts saying things like "oh no she's gonna die", "A slow and painful death", "We should sell all her Pokemon cards to pay for the funeral?" Etc... After hearing this I started to burst into tears and kept on trying to open the door with oven mitts on my hands. Which is not an easy task. Meanwhile my mum is laughing at how gullible I was.

If you enjoyed this story be sure to tell me so in the comments below. Hope you like this. Should I do more? Thanks for reading! 

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