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by - August 16, 2016

Hello everyone! Since its August, the month when everyone does back to school post, today I am going to telling you some school essentials that you must have but many people, including the old me, usually don't have. I'm not including pens, pencils, notebooks because I'm pretty sure everyone knows that you have to bring those things to school. Hope you enjoy this post and maybe throw a few of my suggested items in your backpack or whatever type of bag you have.

  1. A hair brush. During the school day my hair seems to go crazy and knotty. It's so annoying. A brush is also really good to thing to keep in your bag if you tend to run late for school and forget to brush your hair, like me- everyday. 
  2. Mascara. If you wear makeup to school. Mascara can sometimes tend to flake off and then your makeup just looks horrible and messy. I recommend you bring a tube of mascara just in case. Even if it's a travel size tube. 
  3. Earphones. These are mostly for the journey to school as those are long and boring. My school is 30 minutes away so I always make sure I bring my earphones or I will I literally die of boredom. 
  4. Body Spray and deodorant. Some people smell at school. You don't want to be that person. To help you not be that person you should bring body spray and deodorant. Also if someone else smells help them by pulling out your body spray and deodorant and asking if they want to spray themselves. 
  5. School is dirty place. You should definitely always bring hand sanitizer. Just in case. 
  6. Lip balm is also a great thing to bring so your lips don't get crusty and gross. Plus it's a great product to use in a natural way. 
  7. Powder is the BEST thing to bring to school. Especially if you have oily skin as powder can cover up that and make your skin look better and more matte throughout the day.
I really hope this helped you with your back to school shopping or if you were questioning what to bring to school for the next term. Thanks for reading! If you have anymore ideas of things people need in there school bag, please let me kniw in the comments!

Arabelle Akinfe

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