School Makeup W/ Ailish Elziabeth

by - August 26, 2016

Hi guys!
I am Ailish, Ailish Elizabeth from the blog AilishElizabeth. Today me and Arabelle Akinfe are going to be doing a collab, we are both going to be doing our back to school makeup looks, if you want to see Arabelle's it is over on my blog. I hope you all like my makeup look, here it is!

This my back to school make up look, and I am going to show you how to achieve it.
Obviously I started with no makeup on, and I tied my hair up before doing my makeup, as I hate my hair being in my face when doing my makeup.

Base Makeup

Base makeup used:
~Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation- 010 Light Porcelain
~Seventeen Phwoarr Paint- Fair
~Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder

I first started my makeup by applying my foundation, I applied and blended it with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and once that was blended I used a Real Techniques concealer brush to apply my concealer. I applied it under my eyes and then onto any spots I had on my face, and then again blended it with the sponge. Finally, for my base makeup I powdered my face with the Seventeen powder, I powdered all over my face to make sure my  makeup stayed all day and my skin didn't go shiny.

Contour and Blush

Makeup used:
~Maybelline Master Sculpt- Light/Medium
~Sleek Blush by 3 palette- Pink Lemonade 

Once my base makeup was on, it was then time for contour, I use the contour in the Maybelline Master Sculpt, and just applied that, then I used the highlight from it too. I apply the highlighter on the top of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on the cupid's bow. Once the contour and highlight was over I applied my blush, I love this palette and I really recommend it, I used the blush Pink Mint, this is a really pretty pink blush and when on it is a really nice rosy pink cheeks. 


Products for my eyebrows:
~Collection Eye Brow Kit
~Benefit Speed Brow

My eyebrows, I hate them. I only started filling in my eyebrows probably until the start of this year, I use to just use Speed Brow. However, earlier on this year I had a eyebrow crisis, I go half to nearly all my eyebrow waxed off, it was horrible, I cried and now I fill them in, I have done a post on my eyebrows and how I fill them in, so I will leave a link to that.

My Eye Makeup

Products Used:
~Naked 2 Palette
~Too Faced Natural Matte Palette
~Soap&Glory Thick&Fast Mascara
For school I don't really wear eye shadow, but I thought for this post I would share an eye look you could wear for school. I firstly used my natural matte palette, and applied Heaven all over the lid and then Nudie in the crease. I blended these together, and then went on to using my Naked 2 palette. I took Suspect and applied that also in the crease, above Nudie, I applied it by pressing it down. I then applied one of my favourite eye shadows, verve in my inner corner. I blended my eye shadows and then applied Bootycall, which I was obsessed with last year, on my brow bone as a highlighter.


My lip products:
~Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick- 08

I applied Vaseline before applying my makeup, and then once I finished my makeup I applied Kate Moss lipstick, which is one of my favourites but it does look a bit different it these pictures, it is normally more subtle.

That is my back to school makeup look, I hope you all liked it. Also, remember to go over to my blog to see Arabelle's back to school makeup look too!


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